Creative communication is an essential part of branding and operating a successful business in today’s visual culture.

John Pulinat strives to ensure that he provides you powerful work for your needs: on target, on time, on demand with a process of successful transition and conclusion. His experience, skill and intuition provide visual solution and creative service for diverse media and marketing needs. Please navigate the links below according to your areas of interest. Each section below gives you a small brief about the service provided. Each section separates its individual quality from one art form to another-or you can view a unique combination of multiple components, especially in motion graphics and digital collage.

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Do creative visualization through illustrations. Take challenges and present visual solutions for corporate communications, editorial, advertising, storybooks, and product development. His executed three styles enable you to communicate your concepts, facts, values- or to reveal basic insight into products.
Digital story telling informs today’s new media and dimension. Meshing his artistic, photographic and video-graphic talent with his computer skill, he shot, directed and edited digital movie clips. He is proficient in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack, live Type, Garage Band and DVD studio pro.
Interact and respond to his personal creations. You will find something that speaks to your inner voice. Both artist and viewer translate visual ideas. See the world through his eyes, forms, colors, and space stimulate emotional and spiritual response. Prints and originals available from this section.
Explore the new wave multimedia projects-visual components through 2D or 3D animation and special effects, for television, short films, movies, advertisements, music videos or pod-cast. The essence of all of his technological and artistic skills unite for a common theme.
His graphic discipline is well versed in print media, web, and large format displays. In addition, he provides photo editing, retouching and manipulating. Digital collage enhances the written word to create photo illustration and montage. Expertise includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, etc.
Photography offers infinite possibilities for perception, interpretation, and execution. Explore and experience his unique observation of everyday unattended areas in our lives. Shadows, shapes and reflections abstractly clarify the metaphor of immersion.
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